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“Gorgeous, poised vocals over a gossamer production”
– Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6, playing Rollin

“Playful and inviting soundscape… hypnotic vocals.”
Wolf in a Suit on Weekend

“pop with a left field feel that seems to play the game by its own rules”
Clash Music

“Magnetically inviting from the get go”
EQ Music Blog

Reigen’s vocals… are a thing of beauty.”

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Shortly after I released my song Weekend earlier this year, I was involved in a shooting in Puerto Rico. On a moonless nite, as I rode a moped with the love of my life thru a dark stretch of road, a masked man emerged from the bushes and shot at us, hitting my love and puncturing his lung. After making a getaway from the 3 cars that quickly appeared to block the road, we made it to a local hospital and were life flighted to San Juan where he was given emergency surgery and stayed in the hospital for 2 weeks.

I wrote this song about a week and half into his hospital stay, around 1am after saying goodnight, when I was back at hospital hotel for a shower and sleep.

In the fluorescent lights and yellow bathroom, i looked at myself hard. How lucky I was to still have him, to have my own life… the things I had concerned myself with before the shooting seemed so far away.

“No Hang ups, no hatin…” writing this song was me making promises to myself- going back to our easy New York life, i was doing things differently. This song is about the choice to make things what you want them to be, to be grateful for the moment and for me, picking my heart up out of shock and despair, rejecting hate, and diving back into making music, dancing and sharing love.

The video starts as a re-creation of that moment in the hospital hotel and from there, going back out into the world and doing the damn thing – Reigen


REIGEN is a singer songwriter and producer based in Brooklyn via his hometown of Houston, sharing heartfelt, eclectic synthpop.

Following the release of his well-received song “Weekend” in January of this year, he took an unexpected break from music after surviving a shooting while visiting Puerto Rico with his boyfriend. His latest release, ROLLIN, an earworm with electronica and house roots, is about his return to music after overcoming the PTSD from the trauma.

The track was produced, performed, written by Reigen and mixed, mastered by Austin Leeds (Avicii, Paul van Dyk, Markus Schulz).

Reigen’s music has been featured on dozens of local and international music media, including PopMuzik, Wolf in a Suit, A Music Blog, Yea?, Bronxnet TV, Son of Marketing and Sodwee.

REIGEN’s blend of influences — most clearly new wave, house and modern pop — has been compared to Troye Sivan, Years & Years and Sam Smith.

For more music, videos, and information about Reigen, visit www.reigenmusic.com and follow him on Instagram.