“…an anthem for love…packaged into a pulsing pop beat with tons of energy.”
Popmuzik on Seize the Night

“REIGEN knows how to break the ice and wow you at first glance.”
Blushing Panda on Good Love

“His tune ‘Come Back To Me’ feels heavenly… and I love the thought-out, but a little un-done aesthetics of this creation.”
Queen Beetch

“Magnetically inviting from the get go”
EQ Music Blog on Play it Cool

Reigen’s vocals on ‘YOUTH‘ are a thing of beauty.”

“an anthem for love…packaged into a pulsing pop beat with tons of energy.” – Popmuzik

“starts like balm for your ears that so naturally and willingly forces you to dance – like a good tune should do.” – Wolf in a Suit

“Euphoric ” – The Dope Show online

“Irresistable” – Milk Crater

“Compelling soul for your soul” – BillCS Music Blog

“Distinctive rich vocals, heartfelt lyrics” – Sodwee

“beautiful silhouettes and psychedelic editing” – Rad Circle

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My dream is to capture intense, beautiful moments and bring them to life with music.

REIGEN is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter and producer who creates hooky, heart driven synth pop.

His latest creation, Seize the Night, is an energetic collaboration with producer Data Child, aka Chrissy Tignor Fisher, and is about mustering up the guts for an epic first kiss, a nocturnal answer to Carpe Diem.

“This song is about putting everything you’ve got on the line for love,” Reigen says. Cinematic lyrics, an infectious beat and Reigen’s smooth bright vocals make the song a heartfelt anthem for staying out a little later.

The accompanying music video is a glittering celebration of an epic night out. Reigen directed the video and in his words, “I wanted everyone to see themselves reflected in this video and to represent a club that they’d be welcomed at. My dream is to bring a diverse group of people together through music so this club atmosphere we’ve created is my vision for all races and orientations partying together.”

REIGEN’s music has been featured on dozens of local and international music media, including A Music Blog, Yea?, BronxnetTV, Son of Marketing and Sodwee.

REIGEN’s blend of influences — most clearly new wave, disco and modern pop — has been compared to Troye Sivan, BØRNS and Sam Smith.

For more music, videos, and information about Reigen, please visit www.reigenmusic.com